By Oceanside Glasstile • June 6, 2014

Consumate Craftsman & Mosaic Maven


Alpentile is the premier design and installation team committed to creating glass tile masterpieces. Alpentile never ceases to amaze with poolscapes that blur the boundaries of heaven and earth and interior designs that define luxury.

Luke is a master craftsman with a passion for glass tile;



 Amy complements his technical skills with her artistic eye and creative verve.


Together they are a formidable team with tremendous talents, manifesting gorgeous tile projects.  Luke and Amy Denny glean their inspiration from all over the world and bring the best elements to each design. “We get excited about design when we travel. We’re exposed to new ideas when we get out of our normal environment. It’s fun to come home and work these new ideas into our design process.”

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With the best materials in the world to select from, Alpentile specifies Oceanside Glasstile to bring their visionary designs to life. Their energy and passion for Oceanside Glasstile is unparalleled as champions of absolute quality.

“When we work in pools we are very careful only to choose products that will withstand the harsh environment – that’s one reason we love OGT for pools – we have confidence in the product performance and don’t have to compromise our design aesthetic.”

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The ingenuity of Alpentile’s designs begins with  the materials they use. “For me, the product needs to be authentic. I like porcelain that looks like porcelain, stone that is stone, and glass that looks like glass – Handmade tile is most beautiful when you can see the imperfections of the process.”

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If you are looking to freshen up your space, these guys are a great resource.  From bathrooms and kitchens to water features and pools, you can count on returning to a space that will put a smile on your face.

9442 N 36th St
Phoenix, AZ 85028
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