By Oceanside Glasstile • October 31, 2014

Lori Gentile - Creating Divine Designs.


Lori Gentile's designs run the gamut from understated elegance to over-the-top opulence. Each space she designs makes a bold statement worthy of acclaim, and she chooses only the best elements for her masterpieces.


Beautiful use of Tessera Meridian Pattern in Custom color selection by Lori.

"The most important quality when I am choosing a design material is that it's something timeless, whatever the style," says Lori.  "If it's opulent, flashy, organic or even a simple shape, I want to make sure it's something my clients will never tire of.  It has to be love at first sight."

Stunning fireplace slathered in Tessera 1x1 using the Moroccan Desert Blend.


When asked how she chooses her materials, she replied, "that's where the real talent lies. If it's too predictable you've missed the mark. Finding just the right materials and balance is the key to the feeling or style you're going for. I am pretty crazy about Oceanside Glasstile. From their patterns,scale and colors I can create a look that is incredible.

Wet Bar turned Fashion focal point using Tessera's Meridian pattern in custom color selection.



Glass tile adds a beautiful pop to any application.


Lori is concerned not only with providing the best designs but doing whats' best for the environment as well. "I love that Oceanside Glasstile provides sustainable materials that are absolutely beautiful too. We come away with a finished product that everyone involved can be really proud of," says Lori.

Casa California Keystone in Truffle Iridescent and Non Iridescent Casa California Keystone in Truffle Iridescent and Non Iridescent


A beautiful focal point takes this shower to the next level. Tile: Keystone in Truffle Iridescent and Non Iridescent.


Luxe bathroom with a view.


About Lori:

Lori perfected her skills in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Houston before moving to San Diego, California. After more than a decade of freelancing, Lori established her own firm in 1998, allowing her greater freedom to travel to exotic parts of the world and to expose herself to diverse cultures... experiences she draws upon daily in her profession.

Lori Gentile Interior Design

Location: Solana Beach, Ca

Phone: 760-635-1105

Website: www.lorigentile.com