By Oceanside Glasstile • April 3, 2015

The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year has Spice

Leatrice Eiseman quotes the 2015 color of the year, Marsala, “hardy, robust, satisfying, fulfilling. At the same time there’s a certain glamour that’s attached to this color”. Leatrice Eiseman is not only the Executive Director for Pantone Color Institute, but also a Washington state resident.

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Drink up this wine colored hue!

The idea, Says Eisman is not to choose a color that will “overtake the world”. In Marsala’s case, she says, the shade is complex, but grounding – brown-red with blue undertones for a dark bluish effect.

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Marsala, with it’s retro earthy feel has been named with thought as its influences are felt throughout the fashion, beauty and home goods among other creative sector industries and will influence retailers far & wide.   Pantone’s yearly picks can herald a marked presence of a color, though some years are stronger than others. Leatrice is careful to note: “It doesn’t necessarily mean the whole world will love it, as everyone has personal likes and dislikes – but when they become more aware of the color, it challenges them to find a place for it. It always starts with touches first – in fashion, it could be a pair of sandals, a piece of fun jewelry, a pair of tights, or a scarf, and then what happens is they often want to get more of it.”

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When commenting on the ease of seeing color in her Pacific Northwest surroundings, Leatrice has noted that the subtlety of green tones make the eye see color in a calming way. But the color can be dressed up as well! Play with notes of gold and brass to bring the richness into full effect.

 marsala-island-architects               Metric-Design-Centre-renovations-renovating-Saskatoon-ideas-interior-design-interior-decorating-homestyling-pantones-2015-color-of-the-year-marsala-decor-ideas-8

Talk about a full-bodied color! How will you incorporate Marsala this year?

Perhaps a subtle influence of the color sprinkled into your favorite Devotion pattern or the ever-glamorous influence of our Incense color as the main feature color? Visit our Resources section of our website and start designing today! You can email yourself your favorite combinations, and we’ll help you find a showroom closest to you to work with!