Taylor Hori By Taylor Hori • January 31, 2018

A Study in Color: Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year, Oceanside

Oceanside, Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year, a moody blue with emerald green undertones, evokes a sense of intrigue and calmness. We love that we share a name with such a mysterious color. “People today have a growing sense of adventure, and it is making its way into even the coziest corners of our homes,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color at Sherwin-Williams, and we couldn’t agree more.


Oceanside ocean
Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels. @JoshSorenson


As a company, we have an incurable case of “head in the clouds”; daydreaming of days spent with our toes in the sand, exploring caverns along our coast and beyond. The beauty of color is how we all see it differently – how it can change with different light, different accents, different moods. Even in glass, the color is never frozen but ever changing.

“Oceanside is the color of wanderlust right in our own homes.” – Sue Wadden, Director of Color, Sherwin-Williams

With such a rich blue base, Oceanside naturally lends itself to the sanctuary spaces in a home. Often associated with tranquility and stability, the color Blue can have a profound calming effect on the mind and body. 

Cathy Aroz, Design + Merchandising Manager at OGT, paints with a range of blues, from ripe blueberry (Bondi) to early morning sky (Kai), and the faintest pastel (Nalu). Pairing these three shades with iridescent and non-iridescent finishes creates a broader range in color value and more ways for light to interact. The subtle silver iridescence on Bondi catches the light but doesn’t distract from the blend, like the sun reflecting off the water, or was it something underneath the water? A fish or a mermaid tale? Let your imagination decide. 

Oceanside Glass Tile-Bathroom Inspiration-Oceanside-Sherwin Williams2Vetrazzo Countertop; Cubist Clear.

The Vetrazzo countertop is made from recycled tempered glass, lending it a unique abstract effect. When styled together, the overall aesthetic can lean towards Coastal Beach vibes or an updated take on Mid-Century Modern style. 

While blue often communicates a feeling of serenity, the bold emerald green undertones in Oceanside lend the color a sense of urgency and energy, perfect for the productive and creative areas in a residential or commercial space. Symbolic of growth, harmony, and nature, the undertones in green-meets-blue Oceanside can stimulate and refresh the mind, churning out innovative new ideas. 

Update your home office with an eye-dazzling pattern like Parallels. The angular shapes are a playful way to add movement in a Spartan space. The blend contains two shades of blue, Bondi and Kai, in three different finishes – Iridescent, Non-Iridescent, and Textura. The textured mosaics impart an organic feel to the glass, similar to Sherwin-Williams’ hue. “Oceanside is reminiscent of the multi-tonal blues found in nature, offering a memorable, yet calming effect for public spaces,” says Wadden.

Oceanside Glass Tile-Office Inspiration-Oceanside-Sherwin Williams2Vetrazzo Desk; Bretagne Blue.

The desk, created with Vetrazzo’s Bretagne Blue, will have you yearning to get out and explore. Composed of recycled aquarium glass, architectural glass, and South Carolina oyster shells, re-discover your love for sea shell hunting as your gaze lingers on this workspace. 

Color, pattern, or objects, all are built to stimulate creativity, innovation, and a sense of adventure. Perfect for a Mediterranean or Tropically styled home.  

Laura U_Oceanside Formal Dining Room.pngPhoto Courtesy of Laura U Interior Design

As Oceanside bridges the blue-green color spectrum, the complementary colors lend themselves to various design aesthetics. Analogous colors like vivid green and royal blue recall a Mid-Century style full of bold organic and geometric prints.

Sherwin Williams_Oceanside_living room inspiration3

 Tropical vibes can be felt when Oceanside’s triadic complimentary colors are employed – gold and bronze fixtures and accents tap into an old Havana aesthetic.

Mid Century Modern Living Room.png

Or, when used as an accent color all on its own, Oceanside evokes its namesake with a Coastal Cool, Bohemian design style. Pair with light and bright elements to create an airy beachside bungalow.

Laura U_Oceanside Bedroom.png
Photo Courtesy of Laura U Interior Design


Where does Oceanside fit in your home? In your next residential or commercial project? Let us know in the comments below!