Taylor Hori By Taylor Hori • April 2, 2019

Hot Off The Roller: January, February, and March 2019

A list of glass we produced in January and February, now at a Distributor or glass Retailer near you!

Unlike our predecessors, our production schedule is demand based and not inventory based. Please place your order for specific glass colors with your preferred retailer or wholesaler to ensure they make it onto our production schedule.

Oceanside Glass & Tile does not sell glass directly to the public. All of the items listed below have already been distributed to glass Wholesalers and Retailers.


January Production:

100RR-F Clear Rough Rolled
100S-ICE-F Icicle Clear
100SEEDY-F Clear Seedy
100W-F Clear Waterglass
200S-F White Solid Opalescent
270-72S-F Orange Opalized
305S-F White/Clear
308S-F Clear/White
309S-F Clear/White, Wispy
365-1S-F White/Yellow
375-1S-F White/Orange
A-100W-F Clear Waterglass
FUSERSRESERVE-22-F Fusers Reserve Mix

February Production:

6023-83CC-F Clear/White/Aqua/Lime, "Aqua-Lime"
6067-83CC-F Clear/White/Lemon/Orange, "Mimosa"
307S-F Clear/White
603-81CC-F Clear/White/Soft Blue, "Blue Skies"
6000-81CC-F Clear/White "Pearl"
6022-82CC-F Clear/White/Olive/Moss, "Congo"
6022-81CC-F Clear/White/ Warm Greens, "Key Lime"
6051-83CC-F Clear/White Ruby Red, "Autumn Flame"
309S-F Clear/White, Wispy
200S-F White Solid Opalescent
226-72S-F Lemongrass Opal
FUSERSRESERVE-23-F Fusers Reserve Mix
6011-85CC-F Clear/White/Reddish Brown, "Hawkwings"
6061-81CC-F Clear/White/Yellow/Amber, "Meadowlark"
605-85CC-F Clear/White/Burgundy
100V-F Clear Vecchio
267-72S-F Sunflower Yellow Solid Opalescent
260-72S-F Yellow Solid Opalescent
100SEEDY-F Clear Seedy
308S-F Clear/White
209S-F Crystal Opalescent

March Production:

151RR-F Cherry Red Rough Rolled 
100S-ICE-F Icicle Clear 
100SEEDY-F Clear Seedy
100V-F Clear Vecchio
151S-F Cherry Red Solid Transparent 
151W-F Cherry Red Waterglass
152RR-F Ruby Red Rough Rolled 
152S-F Ruby Red Transparent 
152W-F Ruby Red Waterglass
250-72S-F Red Opal 
307S-F Clear/White
309 S-F Clear/White Wispy
357-1S-F Red/White
359-1S-F Red/White Wispy 
6034-83CC-F Clear/White/Aqua/Rose, "Aqua-Rose"
6067-83CC-F Clear/White/Lemon/Orange, "Mimosa"
6076-83CC-F Clear/White/Orange/Yellow, "Inferno"
A-100SEEDY-F Clear Seedy