Taylor Hori By Taylor Hori • August 18, 2018

Curate Your Home with Joy, Beauty, and Delight: Introducing Zoetic, a new line of Dimensional Mosaics

Art is not essential to life, just to feeling alive. As the curator of your life, you fill it with moments of beauty; with beginnings, middles, and ends; with the zoetic. Of or relating to life, zoetic describes all things that add a little something to who you are. Music, dance, and design are every bit as zoetic as food, water, and shelter, and they leave us with a sense of joy one can only attribute to being fully and completely alive. A collection inspired by their nature to find joy, spontaneity, and delight in everyday surroundings, Oceanside Glass & Tile introduces their newest line, Zoetic. Composed of dynamic dimensional mosaics, Zoetic launches into the marketplace to bring life to your home.

 Every piece at Oceanside Glass & Tile begins its life as clay, entrusted to an artist to carve, cast, and mold. With three quick strokes from a sculptor's deft hand, what was once a flat piece becomes a gently rolling valley and we have our first glimpse of Prelude. Fire and alchemy collide as molten glass replaces clay, cooling and crystallizing into the final piece. Once cast in glass, Lead Design + Merchandizer, Cathy Aroz, calls Prelude, "A timeless piece. The way the layers catch the light is dazzling, even in our Non-Iridescent finish."

 how-its-made-glass-tileAn Oceanside Glass & Tile artisan scoops molten glass onto the press.

With a sense of excitement present only at the start of something great, Ms. Aroz's hands fly across the table arranging and re-arranging Prelude pieces into stunningly simple repetitions: an elegant diamond, a refined emerald, and a classic herringbone. The same way artists' balance their composition, Prelude's three faceted profile balances light, transforming a space with glittering dimensions.

 silver-dimensional-mosaic-oceanside-glass-tileThe Prelude mosaic featured in layouts "A", "B", and "C" in Pewter Iridescent.

At first glance, Overture's elongated hexagon appears perfectly balanced with its high and low profiles. As it goes in life, the most intriguing sights often require a second glance. Upon closer inspection, Overture reveals subtle slopes, tailored points, and an incredible depth of color when cast in translucent glass. Inspired by an organic wood sculpture in the Sonoma wine country, Chief Marketing Officer, Johnny Marckx first sketched Overture on a paper napkin while sipping a fine Pinot.

 Overture-B-grey-blue-silver-dimensional-mosaicThe Overture B pattern in Zen Blend.

Layering color, dimension, and finish, Overture becomes a living installation in your home. An artists' color palette in a single droplet, Oceanside Glass & Tile's iridescence pools and concentrates, intensifying in Overture's corners. A magnet for the light, these frozen rainbows will glisten and wink at you from your backsplash, shower, or spa. When viewed in a matte finish, Overture's dimensional aspects are softened, leaving you dreaming of soft clouds after a rainstorm. As seekers of joy and delight, the design team at Oceanside Glass & Tile are passionate about finding it within the four walls of a home. Whether paint, clay, ink or glass, surround yourself with the zoetic that leaves you feeling alive!

 oceanside-glass-tile-dimensional-mosaic-black-white-neutral-modernThe Overture B pattern in Domino Blend.

Alluding to the beginning through their monikers, Prelude and Overture are the start of Oceanside Glass & Tile's foray into dimensional mosaics. A sense of adventure, discovery, and nerves accompany the team – but if they didn't, would it truly be Zoetic?


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