Taylor Hori By Taylor Hori • December 11, 2017

Two American Companies Using Recycled Materials for Coastal Cool Designs: Oceanside Glass & Tile and Vetrazzo Launch Collaboration January 2018

Some things are meant for each other — peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and our favorite, tile and backsplashes. Now there’s a new matchup for the design industry, Oceanside Glass & Tile and Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops.

Starting in 2018 these two companies will partner on a co-marketing program to showcase their shared common core values of sustainable materials and high design for interiors and exteriors. 


Inspired by Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year, Oceanside, Oceanside Glass & Tile and Vetrazzo will launch their own Coastal Cool designer program with a catalog of power users to bring fresh inspiration to the worlds of glass slabs and tile. Centsational Style’s Kate Riley, members of water shaping group Tributary Revelations, House of Turquoise’s Erin Olson Moser, and Laura Umansky of Laura U Interior Design are slated to create mood boards incorporating both products in a Coastal Cool Collaboration. Product placement projects will showcase the natural pairing of handmade glass tiles and countertop surfaces made from recycled glass. 


Oceanside Glass & Tile was founded in 1992 with a boundless spirit of innovation, a fervor for the art of glass blowing, and a new vision for the tile industry — creating a luxury glass tile using recycled bottle glass. Working from a one-of-a-kind glass factory in Tijuana, MX, Oceanside Glass & Tile creates handmade glass mosaics, field tiles, and liners that are all slowly cooled to relieve internal stress, a process known as annealing, to make a more durable glass. They annually use more than 2 million pounds of recycled bottle glass in the creation of their 40 different colors. Four distinct finishes - Iridescent, Non-Iridescent, Matte and Textura - allow for bespoke designs and custom creations from backsplashes to pools to commercial applications. 

It’s been nearly two decades since the Oceanside Glass & Tile founders set out to show that there was more to the tile world than just ceramic, porcelain, and stone. There was an opportunity for gorgeous color, brilliant texture, and even more importantly, soulful art. The vision has grown into something much larger — from a tile manufacturer to a purveyor of social responsibility and do-gooder of communities both near and far. Part artisan heritage, part hand-crafted personality — the result of which is a glass tile that smiles back at you from every surface it graces. Formulated and carefully honed to last a lifetime, Oceanside Glass & Tile is the original and enduring force in the glass tile industry. 


Vetrazzo’s story began in 1996 when a scientist from Berkeley, equally fascinated by the properties of glass, developed an innovative mix of recycled glass that, when molded, became a highly durable yet beautifully colored slab. Now located at an atelier in Tate, Georgia, Vetrazzo uses a variety of glass sources including, architectural, curbside recycling, aquariums and studio art glass. Craftsmen mix and arrange the glass by hand ensuring that each slab is unique.

Their color palette of 26 distinct glass blends in unique finishes, such as Patina and Sea Glass, include up to 560 pounds of recycled glass per slab. Vetrazzo craftsmen work together in the fabrication of each slab, from hand selecting crushed color glass to create a harmonious blend to inspecting and polishing the slab four times to eliminate any possible imperfections. It takes eight craftsmen a full day to produce a slab, making Vetrazzo recycled glass surfaces a true artisanal product. 

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