Taylor Hori By Taylor Hori • May 14, 2018

Top 8 Design Trends for 2018 from Across the Web

The beginning of each year, we all see headlines like, "Top 2018 Design Trends" or "What Interior Designers are saying 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' To!".

Often, these lists feature stunning photos with captions from well-known names telling you what's in and what's out in home interiors. And, more often than not, they conflict with each other, leaving you wondering if Maximalism or Minimalism is the latest interior design trend.

Similarities do run throughout each trend report, though! We've read through seven different online authorities from Houzz to Architectural Digest to Vogue and have compiled the Top 8 Design Trends of 2018! 


1. Maximalism

The industry's new buzz word, Maximalist style popped up on Houzz, LA Times, HGTV, Vogue, and Architectural Digest's list of trends to watch this year.

Characterized by bold, high contrast colors, multiple patterns, and layers of texture, Maximalist design is like Versailles of the 21st Century. "Saturated" was used to describe the inherent feel of Maximalist style across all trend reports.

How can you execute a timeless Maximalist Design? Take some tips from the pros:

  • Pattern Play: Think bold and graphic floral prints in high-contrast colors and oversize blooms.
  • Touch: New textures, like velvet and natural stone, are on the rise.
  • Color: Design leaders are calling for turquoise, apple green, shocking pink, and ochre yellow. Whatever the hue, make sure the shade is BOLD.
  • Break the 5th Wall: I.E. The Ceiling.
"Beige interiors are banished, making way for color and pattern, and the forgotten ceiling is now a decorating playground ready to be wallpapered, lacquered, gilded, or plastered with abandon." - Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Vogue

Food for thought: Houzz's Kitchen Trends report show all white kitchens aren't close to going away, but their inherent popularity will create some "all-white-kitchen fatigue".


2. Velvet

This might be a side effect of Maximalism but the Design World is here for it.

Cotton Velvet, as opposed to traditional Silk Velvet, make this fabric more versatile, durable, and cost effective while still feeling plush and luxurious. Houzz, LA Times, Vogue, and Architectural Digest all call out Velvet as a texture to watch in 2018.

Bring Velvet into the fold with these quick tips:

  • Start with your sofa: Add color and create a focal point for your living room decor with a jewel tone velvet sofa.
  • Mix it up: Pair velvet with natural stone to balance the soft yet rugged look. Like Lumbersexuals, but for your home.
We're seeing a need for really plush fabrics. A need for comfort and things to be very tactile. We see velvet as being a key fabric across all interiors in the home." - Allyson Rees, senior retail lifestyle editor at World's Global Style Network


3. Hello, Mother Nature

Natural materials as accessories featured across interior design trend lists for HGTV, Houzz, and Vogue but in strikingly different ways. From living room decor to bedroom design, Mother Nature continues to influence.

  • Accessories: Marjorie Skouras of HGTV sees natural materials as accessories trending in 2018. Think bath staples, like jewelry trays and soap dispensers, in graphic natural stone cuts.
  • Shades of Green: Vogue and Pinterest both call out green as a color to watch this year. Shades of Sage in particular are up 170% in Pinterest saves.
  • Shapes: Houzz is saying goodbye to subway tile backsplashes and hello to organic shapes like fish-scale. While still simple and classic, the look offers more movement and interest than rectangular tiles.
  • Curves: HGTV designers Nina Magon and Leslie Hendrix Wood say curves are the new trend in furniture. Look for organic shapes and softer lines.


4. Get Present

Good bye heirloom pieces. Hello fixtures that fit your life right now. Designer Jacques Borris has termed this trend "transient design" buying or when people buy "well-designed, well-made, contemporary pieces meant to fit a period in their life."

Transient Design is also a great way to have fun with trends! Express who you are now without worrying if that paint color or ottoman shows your age.

How to be a transient designer:

  • Ask Right Now Questions: How would you like to use the space you have for the life you have? Don't stress trying to make sure the furniture can withstand kids, age, or wear and tear (unless kids are part of your right now!).
  • IG Ready Decor: The editors at Clever for Architectural Digest ask themselves three questions before deeming a piece "upload worthy". Is it unexpected? Is it beautiful? Is it functional? Yes? Snap away.
I've noticed that the concept of a 'decorated space' is going out of style. People want their spaces curated and not decorated. The idea of a decorated home feels old-fashioned to a new generation of design enthusiasts. A series of collected objects as decor is the new approach." - Ryan Korban for Vogue


5. Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper

Interior Designers from HGTV, Houzz, and Architectural Digest have all called out Wallpaper as a trend to watch in 2018. Update your home's interior and use wallpaper in a 21st Century way (no offense, Grandma!).

  • Don't dedicate an entire wall (or room) to a print. Try using a super graphic wallpaper as an accent or wall art in your living room decor.
  • Use the 5th wall: combine trends and wallpaper the ceiling of your bedroom!
  • Glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles in graphic prints create wallpaper like effects in your kitchen backsplash design.


6. Self Care Themed Spaces

While your living room decor may be living a luxe life, Interior Designers across the internet have deemed Minimalism the trend for bedroom design and bathroom decor.

Designers translate the idea of self care into home interiors. Spa like bedrooms and bathrooms equal soothing neutrals, rattan furniture, and natural fibers.


7. Mixing Metal, Texture, and Sheen

Like Maximalism for beginners, this interior design trend gets straight to the point. Pinterest search queries for "mixed metals" are up 423% from last year (say whaaat!). Here's how the pros do it:

  • Swap out Brass for Rose Gold or Copper accents.
  • In your kitchen remodel, pair honed countertops with matte backsplash tile.
  • Try mixing a shiny and matte metal in your guest bathroom renovation!
  • Your living room has never looked better with high gloss lacquered walls and a velvet sofa.
“Details are becoming more and more important in home design. Whether it is wood marquetry, tassel fringe, or intricate patterns, details are playing a more important role in all parts of interior design.” - Timothy Corrigan for Vogue


8. Modern Farmhouse

Everything evolves, including design trends. Farmhouse elements are refined in new Modern Farmhouse. Adding two or three elements of Farmhouse style to your living room or bathroom design adds an aesthetic without transporting your suburban home to the countryside.

Get the look with:
  • Warm wood details
  • White and gold accents
  • Trough sinks
  • Vintage lighting
  • Cement tiles (like these from Sabine Hill)


The thought leaders of style have spoken.

We're five months into 2018 -- have you see any proclaimed design trends on your Pinterest feed, magazine stand, or neighbors home? Let us know what you think in the comments below!